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Before an application can be made, the necessity of this block must be proven, for example by means of bank statements.

On the other hand, there is no blocking system for the use of commercial slot machines in amusement arcades and in restaurants. Here, however, there is the possibility of a house ban.

Many online casinos, which in Germany often offer their services from abroad such as Malta or Cyprus, are operating illegally and many players who have lost money at these online casinos can… Read more

Payment service providers violate the prohibition of cooperation – claims void Munich, December 9th, 2020. According to the State Treaty on Gambling, online gambling is banned in Germany with a few exceptions

The Neuss district court has dismissed the lawsuits by Skrill and Neteller against a player in two brand-new rulings. The AG Neuss agreed with the opinion of the Ulm Regional Court a… Read more

Fears of market contraction; further considerable doubts under European law The situation and its question marks The German State Treaty on Gambling 2021 (GlüStV) only comes into effect – if at all – after ratification

Get money back from the gambling provider – No violation of EU law Munich, October 29, 2020. Even if the operators of online casinos would like to have it differently and vigorously beat the drum, luck is… Read more

More convictions against online casinos are slowly coming. After AG Friedberg against the operating company Zecure Gaming Limited (u.

With lottery games it looks different today. There are state lottery companies throughout the country that are generally allowed. Sports betting has also been legal since the beginning of 2020, since providers have been able to officially apply for a license since then. However, this also means restrictions for the providers. Because with the new law, for example, live betting is no longer possible.

The approved new gambling regulation for 2021 is currently still available as a 70-page draft. The elaboration should be completed by May 2021. Until then, the federal states are still negotiating the details of the new treaty. In particular, it is important that the providers and users get clarity about the legal situation. Comprehensive legalization is beneficial for many casinos. It can be assumed that the new gambling regulation will increase the demand for online gambling in 2021. Because then the current opaque situation and the legal gray area in which most online casinos are currently operating will finally be over.

A two-stage amendment to the current State Gambling Treaty is planned. On the one hand, the casinos should receive legally correct licenses that do not violate applicable law in Germany. On the other hand, there should be a new authority. An institution under public law is then employed to monitor the gaming market in Germany. The new State Treaty on Gambling also means that all providers who continue to offer their online services to German customers will commit a criminal offense.

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