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Range from 1 to 5;

the managers are technically suitable due to their previous training within the meaning of Section 31b (7) and have the qualities and experience required for proper business operations;

the structure of any group to which the owner or owners who hold a qualified stake in the company belong and the legal and administrative provisions of the country in which the company is domiciled do not hinder effective supervision of the licensee, and

The best practice by the license applicant, in particular on the basis of his experience, infrastructures, development measures and own resources as well as his systems and facilities for the prevention of gambling addiction, for player protection, for money laundering and crime prevention, for operational safety, for quality assurance, for internal supervision and other provisions of this federal law that affect him the concession is to be expected.

(3) To apply for a license, interested parties must have a seat in a member state of the European Union or a state of the European Economic Area. In the case of a successful application from an interested party based outside of Austria, the license is to be granted on the condition that the registered office of the corporation is set up in Austria and to provide evidence of establishment within a certain period of time.

It is not necessary to set up a domestic corporation to exercise the license if the foreign corporation has a comparable lottery license in its country of domicile and is subject to a comparable state gaming supervisory authority, which in the sense of Section 19 of the Austrian supervisory authority transmits control information if necessary and for it control measures on site carries out (official chain of supervision).

It is increasingly conditioned to play, after a while it automatically demands it and the person concerned now regularly feels the desire to play. The world outside the arcade is getting increasingly boring.

He now regularly spends time at slot machines, at the roulette table or playing online poker, his stakes are increasing and the willingness to take risks increases. He has gone from being a casual player to being a problem player.

Over time, the previous “play dose” is no longer sufficient to trigger the desired high feeling in the brain. Psychologists speak of a development of tolerance. The person concerned has to play more often, use higher sums of money in order to experience the kick and the feeling of happiness.

In the addiction stage, those affected are also called desperate players. Because the player no longer feels any pleasure in playing, but feels a great compulsive urge to play. His thoughts only revolve around how to pursue his addiction (and how to get the money for it). He neglects his job, his relationship and his circle of friends more and more, his only interest is addiction.

In order to be able to feel the desired thrill at all, he has to take ever greater financial risks with his stakes. Some of those affected therefore play several machines at the same time. The gambling addict no longer has any control over their behavior, once they have started a game they wager all of their available money.

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