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I started working with the permission of these two valuable authors. During the design phase, the thought that it would not be sufficient to limit the dictionary to only theater terms gained strength in me and as my works progressed, the Dictionary of Performing Arts Terms became more and more prominent.

Since the scope of the word “performance” which I use for “performance” evokes a wider field than the word theater, this work includes opera, ballet, dance, puppet, shadow play, story animation, circus and. spectacle skills also entered. Thus, the Dictionary was prepared in five separate sections; however, in directories, all terms in Söz-lük are together. In which parts the terms are to be searched, they are shown with similar abbreviations such as «TÎY» (Theater), «KGÖ» (Puppet and Shadow Play), «ÖYC» (Story Animation).

There are more than 2700 items in the Glossary of Performing Arts Terms. In addition, German, French and English equivalents of the stage technique terms, as well as Italian equivalents, were also given. In the old terms index, Turkish words of Osmanh words that today’s youth do not understand are shown. In the directories, Turkish is directly opposite the foreign term, so that especially for those who will translate from foreign languages ​​to Turkish, these directories are provided with the opportunity to use these directories as a dictionary of performing arts.

I would like to thank the Chairman of the Term Section, Assoc. Dr. I would like to thank Aydın Köksal and dear Terim Branch staff, and Sevinç Printing House employees who meticulously carried out the printing work.

look. FROM. Born. Erm. spouse. t. Fr. Eng. tö ÎS Isp. it. lap. KGÖ. Kö. O Lat. 0.0 eg. ÖYC SİR TÎY

agon: 1 – The part in which two actors whose thoughts were opposed to each other got into argument in ancient Greek comedy. 2 – The competition between artists, melodies, writers and actors, resulting in evaluation.

arzbar (O. O.): The first part of the conversation in Orlaoyunu. Look at the transition, which includes the opposite meanings of the conversation as the interviewees meet each other. consensus

ignorance: pretend not to know and let go. a play person pretending not to know something he knows, in order to speak out.

live karagöz (O. O.): 1 – • The name given to the middle dance in folk language. 2 – Karagöz played by actors on stage with shadow play types and dress, in the late pre-ninth century.

commedia dell’arte: Italian folk improvisation theater, dating back to 155O. It is a folk comedy with music and discussion, played based on a script. The humor in the game is made up by the players at the time and during the game.

commedia erudita: Comedy of Italian character and détente with a certain text. A type of comedy played in palaces, modeled after Roman comedy.

curcuna (O.O.): The section that covers the performances of clowns who make ridiculous dances that appear at the beginning of Ortaoytmu or independently of this play.

curcunabaz (0.0.): The name given to the actors with a pointed cone and masquerade masks in their curcuna dancing and playing clowns.

dwarf (0.0.): The type that appears in the uproar and clashes in Ortaoyunu and angers Kavuklü.

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