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In addition to the single and double chances, there are of course other chances in roulette. In this article we cover

If bets are to be placed according to columns and transversal simple, it sounds complicated at first than it really is. But in order to be able to apply the strategy in roulette effectively, the correct explanations are necessary. This text is about these explanations. So it’s about showing the possibilities of tapping on columns and transversal simple. Understanding what this is about is not a problem. It is also easy and quick to explain why the possible uses can be worthwhile.

Columns are similar to dozens, because a third of the numbers are used. So the point is to bet on 12 of the 36 possible number slots. Anyone who has already looked at the tableau has probably already noticed that the numbers on it are divided into three areas and separated by lines. In front of these three rows there is a field, which is called a column. If the player is sitting at a French roulette table, he will use the term “Colonne”. When he was playing at an American roulette table, he saw the word “Columns”. There are three columns, which are called column 34, column 35 and column 36.

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