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Because the adhan is being read based on a dream, and even before this dream was told to our Prophet by a Companion, a bell was offered to announce the times of prayer. But in today’s adhan dream, Hz. When I saw Umar and the Companion whose name was not in my mind, it was decided to read these words before the prayer.

Erdoğana, the dishonest, dignified and dishonored creature who called you what adhan, dignity and honor, and dignity is the reason for our millions who voted for him.

IT IS HEAVY DRIVE .. VERY EXPRESSLY THE TURKISH PEOPLE WILL BE ENJOYED. In any negative event that will arise, the CHIEF MEMBIB.. Directly the main symbol of the religion is ATTACK TO OUR SACRED EZAN.

There is another idiot like this, men don’t know religion, why is the call to prayer is not holy five times a day?

ADAN IS SACRED, and it is more sacred than it is supposed to be taught by the most beautiful voices to the most sincere hearts and with the most impressive and crucial position. Azan is a very heartbreaking liver-searing mind-catching miracle that it should not be overshadowed by any earthly spiritual desire and be returned to the place it deserves. For hearts that will hear ears and feel hearts must open their way and be left alone. I think the problem is to be entrusted to this God.

O covenant, when you hear about them, why do you put me into sin at this time of the night and on Friday night, that pharaoh’s beard of them ..

The problem is not that the call to prayer is not sacred.The problem is the question of why a believer can not share his heart with others, while he feels the need to beg Allah’s mercy with the deep pain of an evening prayer accompanied by a very beautiful voice and mode, while watching the sun set on an open balcony. may God be with you

This man, who is called the cute payzin, has caked the witch to look cute, this man is mentally handicapped, our adhan will not go down, our flag will not come down.

Levent stupid, his sanam remained, whether the call to prayer is sacred or not, you should wash your mouth before you know the limits of the adhan, the world of adhan is blessed of Islam, of course, you are the man to call Erdogan. fierce contradiction

The problem is not that the call to prayer is not sacred. ABSOLUTE IS SACRIFICALLY The problem is when a believer hears the adhan being recited with a very beautiful and impressive voice and maqam when he is between sleep and wakefulness, his liver is officially removed and comes to his hand, after the first shock, he tries to take his soul into account. It is the problem of entering or not interrogating what they are doing to reach those who cannot reach

news 7 maid 57, I will say that the word of Allahu akbar dhikr is the foundation of Islam, as well as holy and virtuous dhikr, their virtues can be viewed from the hadiths related to the bandit’s felaha and prayer is better than sleep. The river is greater than jihad, the azan is holy

This person said true, because as the call to prayers are recited, the lord’s nervous coefficient increases and the feeling of belief in him is strangling him, trying to relieve the boredom in the room.

How will the blind levent see Maide 58. They have eyes, they do not see, they have ears they do not hear, they have hearts they do not understand, the verse appeals to them.

Adhan is not mentioned in the Quran, it is not a verse. It is a tradition used because the Companions saw in someone’s dream. It is announced to Muslims who do not know Islam.

The mother of this is not a holy person, I wonder what the people would say if she curse her mother? wow, there is no going around from ignorant, ignorant, dishonest people …

In the period when the coronavirus epidemic broke out, the prices of second-hand cars, which peaked with the cessation of zero vehicle production, with the normal ..

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, made a striking warning about Bitcoin, which has been invested by millions recently.

In the news of AA about the ceremony held for Rasim Öztekin, Ferhan Şensoy’s letter for Öztekin said ‘a cheerful tavern’ ..

The question in which the name of FETÖ fugitive Hakan Şükür is mentioned in a test in EBA, Middle School 1st grade Mathematics lesson by the Ministry of National Education.

An Egyptian intelligence official welcomed that they received a request from Turkish intelligence for a meeting in Cairo.

Journalist Ahmet Hakan commented on the CHP’s controversial IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu’s 8 March post that caused the reaction of the İYİ Party members …

Baykar Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar, explain that they won two of the lawsuits they filed for the alleged transfer of money to the T3 Foundation from IMM.

Journalist Writer Hikmet Genç shouted “I can’t get milk”

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