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2-This system has an agreement with some companies. It is a system where its members make discounted purchases at contracted businesses. Members who become members are given a card called … And when the shopper shows this card at the checkout, he / she gets a discount. This discount is reflected directly to your account in cash. For example, 0.5% when the person whom I subscribe to does shopping, and when the person whom he signed up for does shopping; 0.5% of it is transferred to my account in cash. The shopping I made on my own; 1% of it returns to me in cash. When the purchases made by the sub-members after the two sub-members reach a certain limit … they are transferred to my account in cash after being calculated with the position account system. In this system, upper members can gain from the exchange of lower members and lower members from the exchange of upper members. The position calculation system provides this. Of course, the members on the top always earn more. Earnings in this system; It is based on the division of the discount obtained from the shopping made among the members in cash. For 100 TL shopping; %; If there is a discount of 15, it is the sharing of 15 TL among the State as: 1-System 2-Members 3-Child and Family Solidarity Fund 4-Tax. Purpose in the system; Creating a large consumer community, gaining discounts from companies and earning members money from purchases. Questions: 1. Is the money obtained from this system halal? 2. When the lower or upper members make a haram shopping (alcohol, pork, etc.), would it be a sin for us? Because shares are given to others from his transactions. 3. Is it permissible to give free money while becoming a member? You cannot get this money later. 4. Is it permissible to give the money that members give while taking positions to other members? It is divided into members and others according to their percentage.

Answer: 1-If this is a partnership, the condition of not being able to get the capital back breaks this partnership. Debt, too. If this money is a grant, it is permissible to be given to the partners at predetermined rates. But the condition for this grant is for the future. The amount in the grant must be received immediately. Otherwise, the condition will be vigorous. It turns out that this is a club. It is paid for the club.

2-The buying or selling of pigs and drinks by a member does not affect others. A power of attorney is not in question. No shares are given from the exchange. Commission is given. This sale is not valid in darülislam. Consequently, it is not permissible to request a commission from this sale. But if the company gives, it is its own elder, it is taken.

4- If the money is given as a grant or club entrance fee, it is permissible to distribute it to the others in accordance with the condition determined in advance to the partners.

As a result, such work cannot be clearly called haram or fâsid. But it is also a fact that it contains fâsid elements. Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Muhammad stated ijtihad that in the countries that are not governed according to the Islamic rules, acts of fascination in the interests of the Muslim and on the condition of mutual consent will be regarded as valid.

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